As a business owner building the business, getting clients, selling products, and contracts, is the primary focus because without a solid revenue stream there isn’t a business. As time goes by and the business grows your business of one or two people has turned into an organization with multiple employees doing a variety of tasks to make your company great.

However, in the focus of building the “business“ the processes to support your staff—hiring, performance management, competencies, talent development, awards—have not grown and matured.

CIDIS works with organizations to assess their current people infrastructure and help them develop or mature the processes that will support their workforce and business for years to come.

CIDIS leads and supports a variety of human capital and business infrastructure projects, to include:

  • Workforce Planning
  • Leadership Development and Coaching
  • Diversity and Inclusion Programs
  • Performance Management Programs
  • Training and Development Plans
  • Interview Processes
  • Succession Planning