Continuous upfront investment in People Management mitigates the multitude of human capital challenges organizations face.  Leaders that invest in workforce planning, analytics and research, talent management, and performance management benefit by creating an organizational foundation for a productive environment that produces a well-balanced, high-performing, and innovative workforce that is ready to meet future objectives.


Organizations face many challenges in the working environment from ever-changing mission requirements and limited financial resources to fierce competition for talented personnel. CIDIS assists leadership in overcoming these challenges through the successful implementation of the workforce planning cycle.  Our progressive approach provides leadership with the data outputs they need to answer pressing workforce questions, make proactive workforce decisions, and drive Human Capital Management initiatives (e.g., human capital strategy, recruiting plans, performance standards, succession plans, organizational structure/redesign) to create an agile high-performing workforce.

CIDIS’s data-driven approach focuses on identifying:

  • Minimal workforce requirements
  • Critical roles and competencies
  • Workforce mix
  • Gaps and prioritizing risk areas
  • Data-focused materials to assist leadership in making informed human capital decisions

“Dr. Papini’s methodology for quantifying personnel resources has forever changed how we see workforce planning.”

-Federal Client


CIDIS leads and supports leadership in understanding the current/future workforce, competencies, and gaps to drive talent management decisions.  We provide leadership with a methodology and the data they need to answer their pressing talent management questions, develop recruiting and retention strategies, make organizational adjustments to manage the changing workforce, and promote an inclusive culture that benefits from diversity to create an engaged workforce.

CIDIS supports our clients to assess their current and future needs to develop a comprehensive Talent Management Strategy that:

  • Utilizes workforce data to develop recruit, assess, select, and train strategies
  • Focuses on assessing and implementing employee engagement leading practices
  • Identifies key roles and competencies
  • Assesses organizational environment and culture to identify potential development areas to meet workforce evolution (e.g., millennials, aging workforce)
  • Develops and implements a focused diversity strategy in conjunction with the human capital strategy to recruit, retain, and develop a diverse workforce


Managing employees is an important part of creating a high-performing workforce.  Employees need to set and understand expectation to work towards goals that support the organization’s mission.  CIDIS works with leadership to develop or support Performance Management processes that best fit the organizations’ culture and goals.

CIDIS can lead and support a variety of performance management process initiatives, to include:

  • The development of work plans and expectations setting as a foundation for performance across the organization
  • Working with leadership to identify and develop a streamlined performance management process that focuses on objective measures
  • The development or maintenance of a systematic process to continually monitor and measure performance
  • Assessing the organizations’ current performance management processes to determine areas for improvement (e.g., workforce perceptions, monitoring issues, ineffective awards)
  • Assessing the organization to determine award/reward systems that motivate and engage employees towards greater performance and job loyalty
  • Developing materials and supporting supervisory and employee training to create a transparent and clear performance management process


CIDIS works with organizations to assess their current people infrastructure and help them develop or mature the processes that will support their workforce and business for years to come.

CIDIS leads and supports a variety of human capital and business infrastructure projects, to include:

  • Workforce Planning
  • Leadership Development and Coaching
  • Diversity and Inclusion Programs
  • Performance Management Programs
  • Training and Development Plans
  • Interview Processes
  • Succession Planning


CIDIS can lead and support the development of short and long-term strategies, to include:

  • Strategies that encompasses the mission and operational business requirements into one holistic design
  • Human Capital Strategies that are aligned to the overall direction and goals of the organization’s business strategy to ensure that the right workforce structure is in place to meet mission
  • Human Capital Strategies designed to take the current workforce into the future by focusing on recruiting, competency development, retention, and engagement