An Assessment Path to Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)


Diverse and Inclusive organizations understand the
balance and need for both components…

…because being diverse in representation only
works if employees feel included.

Why Assess Diversity and Inclusion?

Diversity and Inclusion is essential to the overall success of any organization. Fifty-eight percent of organizations ( view D&I as a business imperative, meaning, that to be successful and profitable, organizations should consider D&I as an important part of their overall business strategy. As part of that strategy, it is necessary for organizations to measure and assess the current state of D&I, then your organization organizations should consider D&I to determine an effective path forward towards creating a more diverse workforce and inclusive environment.

“You can only improve what you measure.”

-Tom Peters, Business Management Though Leader

Value of a Diversity and Inclusion Focused Organization

Organizations that see diversity and inclusion as a business imperative and actively work at making improvements reap the benefits from their efforts across multiple avenues.

Understanding Your Diversity and Inclusion Story

CIDIS utilizes a 4-step process to develop an in-depth understanding of your organization’s Diversity & Inclusion story.

Diversity and Inclusion Assessment Outcomes

CIDIS’s D&I Assessment will help you to understand your organization’s story

In understanding your story, you will be able to:

  • Create a D&I baseline to monitor and track your year-over-year progress
  • Understand and address the inclusion indicators
  • Identify areas of strength to build upon and gaps that need improvement initiatives
  • Identify underrepresented groups across the human capital life-cycle (e.g., hiring, promotion, attrition)
  • Understand the research and leading practices that will support diversity and inclusion improvements in your organization

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